ENGLISH: Two-to-One

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flexible learning for 2 people (same language level)

Course content tailored to your specific needs.

Achieve maximum success in a very short time.





Option 1  (six 90min sessions)

9 – hour course for two people                                                      Price: £360  (£180 per person)


Option 2 (five 2hr sessions)

10 – hour course for two people                                                     Price:  £400 (£200 per person)


Lessons to take place at Alma Languages (54 Kennington Oval)

We will carry out a free assessment test to make sure levels are similar and discuss with you the course content.

Day(s) and time(s) are flexible and must be agreed on enrollment. We require full payment in advance.


Our teachers




Cancellation Policy

You may have to cancel a booked lesson. Lessons paid in advance will not be refunded. If you provide at least a 24 hours notice (weekdays), either by telephone 07875327235 or by e-mail info@almalanguages.co.uk, you can reschedule your session at a more convenient time to be agreed with your teacher



Oval House The White House


Alma Languages, Oval House, The White House, 54 Kennington Oval,

London, SE11 5SW (SEE MAP)

E-mail: info@almalanguages.co.uk

Tel: 020 7793 8876 / mob: 078 7532 7235