Martedì italiano



This course is for students who have studied Italian for at least two years or have an equivalent knowledge of the language. Please contact us for a free assessment if you are not sure.

The course is based on a communicative approach and it aims at building your confidence. It is an opportunity to get lots of speaking, listen to authentic dialogues, watch short videos, consolidate elementary grammar, expand your vocabulary. You will have the chance to read some short texts too.

Small class (max 8)


Describe somebody’s physical appearance and character

Talk about some Italian cities and places of interest

Talk about holidays

Grammar: use of conditional, comparatives, consolidation of perfect and imperfect past tenses, verb “piacere” (to like) in different tenses


Tuesday, 6.30pm – 8.00pm

Teacher: Roberto


18 September – 9 October (4 sessions, £64)
16 October – 6 November  (4 sessions, £64)
13 November – 4 December (4 sessions, £64)

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