Italian Intermediate – Module 3



Italian Intermediate – Module 3

Level: B1


Entry requirements: you should be able to express yourself using the main tenses (indicative and conditional).





Sessions include listening  activities,  vocabulary – building  exercises and comprehension tasks based on short videos.

Speaking activities include group discussions and short individual presentations.

Reading and written tasks are given as homework.

The focus will be on  targeted vocabulary acquisition needed for the speaking activities as well as thorough grammar revision, i.e. a consolidation of all tenses, use of prepositions and pronouns. Students should set aside some time for homework.



Talk about  past experiences and events

Watch short videos

Express opinions

Discuss topics of general interest


 Monday, 7.00pm – 8.45pm

Teacher: Gisa


9 – 30 April  (4 sessions, £74)
(consolidation of tenses, present subjunctive)
14 – 21 May (2 sessions, £37)
(use of subjunctive)
4 – 25 June (4 sessions, £74)
(subjunctive: all tenses)
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