Martedì italiano



Level: B1


This lower intermediate course is based on a communicative approach, and it aims at building your confidence.

The emphasis is on improving your speaking and comprehension skills, while helping you to expand your vocabulary.



Main topics: talk about volunteering experience and events / talk about what makes us happy / talk about families in different cultures

Grammar: past perfect / “buono, migliore” vs “bene, meglio” / direct and indirect pronouns / present subjunctive


It is for students who have studied Italian for at least two years or have an equivalent knowledge of the language. Please contact us for a free assessment if you are not sure.

Small group.

Teacher: Roberto



Tuesday, 5.00pm – 6.00pm


2 – 23 June (4 sessions)

7 – 28 July (4 sessions)

online course: £41.40


Tel: 020 8673 8637 / mob: 078 7532 7235